The Quesadilla I Eat Every Day, Acrylic Paint, 2023.

Still Life on Toned Paper, Charcoal, 2023.

Still Life, Graphite Pencil, 2023.

Erik, Charcoal, 2019.

Bone Studies, Sumi Ink. 2019.

Figure Drawing, Graphite Pencil, 2023.

Project exemplar for North American Bird project inspired by James Audubon's realistic bird paintings, 2023.

Still life, Charcoal, 2022.

Reduction Linocut Printmaking, 2022.

Observational Charcoal drawing of Wayne White's "Shackface Mooneyes" sculpture. 2022.

Ink drawings from sketchbook. 2022.

Portrait of the musician Courtney Barnett, Pencil, 2023.

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