Students learned about a diverse array of contemporary artist's work like Aidan Koch and Kara Walker who work in panels and create non-linear narratives with images and text. Students analyzed the content, context and form of their work in small groups and shared their findings in class discussion. Students wrote out a list of things they are obsessed with or can't stop thinking and about created mind maps about one of those things in order to brainstorm objects to draw that would illustrate their ideas. The finished artworks are visual collections representing the student's overall concept.

In Progress work, student focused on painting natural objects.
Views out of different windows inspired by windows at their house.
Photography is this student's greatest artistic strength so she decided to use this medium. Photos are from the horse barn they ride at every day.
This student is going to college for Video Game design next year. They created this concept art for a character they had in their mind for a while but never put down on paper.
This student loves the beach and Summer.
Student is working on a graphic novel using digital drawing in Procreate. He created two new pieces for this project and we printed out a handful of existing ones to build his visual collection.

Students hanging their work for critique. Students interviewed each other about their work and presented their partner's answers to the class.

Visuals showing Anna Henry's artwork. Henry's project "Where The Water Was" demonstrates a strong conceptual backing tied to how Lake Ontario stays the same while we grow and change as people and revisit the place. Bottom right corner demonstrates strong visual hierarchy and balanced layout.
Students analyzing work for content, context and form.
Visuals of Aidan Koch's work hung up in the art room for the duration of the project. These examples show pages from Koch's non-linear graphic novels.
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