Students will create original artwork inspired by an artist who uses physical or conceptual limitations to their advantage. First, students visited six different stations inspired by contemporary and historical artists that give prompts for creating work with unconventional painting and drawing techniques, sculpture and chance in less than fifteen minutes. This work was displayed in the highly visible school gallery. Students reflected on how it felt to be limited, chose their own constraint and researched an artist whose work clearly displays this limitation. Then students  created original artwork that reflected their unique approach to the chosen prompt. 
This student's final product is based on the prompt "Space" and is a self portrait of the student in their bedroom. The student worked through multiple versions before submitting a final product. The student used Procreate on his iPad to create this painting.
Students displayed their work from the stations exercises in the highly visible gallery adjacent to the main foyer and cafeteria.
Students attached charcoal to a long stick and drew natural objects from observation, inspired by Henri Matisse's use of a long bamboo stick in his studio in order to step back and see the whole composition of the page.
Students displayed work for the Limitations and Restrictions stations. These are examples of painting without a brush and sculptural observation towers.
Painting without using a brush inspired by Cy Twombly.
Instructions were posted at each 15 minute long station. Heather Swenson is a local artist with work installed outside of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.
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