Students brainstormed ideas for items that are usually on a hamburger as well as items to put on that are unconventional, funny or outrageous. Students sketched edible and inedible items from reference images and their own imagination to create their burger form with a balanced composition. Then students used blending and shading techniques with Prismacolor pencils to add color. 
Students displayed their artwork to the public at Perinton Square Mall in April 2023.
Teaching Exemplar showing color blending and variety of objects.

One of the visuals available for student reference.

Students used sharpies to trace over the lines of their pencil sketch to preserve contrast between objects.
Student pencil sketch ready to be colored with colored pencil.
Students using reference imagery and their own brainstorm lists to create pencil sketches.
Exemplary pencil sketches ready to be traced over with sharpie.
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