Students learned about John James Audubon's North American Bird paintings and created their own original bird drawing. Students used a reference photograph to draw the form of their bird, first breaking it down into simple shapes. Then, students practiced shading and blending techniques with Prismacolor pencils to add realistic color and pattern to their bird.
Examples of student work showing exemplary drawings from reference, accurate color and color blending.
Students presented their work to the public at the Fairport Art Show at the Perinton Square Mall in April 2023.
Learning objectives for Audubon Bird Illustrations on the white board.
Antique Large print book of Audubon's bird paintings always available for students to view and read.
Students choose a bird to draw from a reference image.
Students in this school have the opportunity to use Prismacolor pencils in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade projects to practice and apply color blending techniques.
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