Students created clay bowls inspired by the glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly's project "Sea Forms". Students learned background information about clay including where it comes from, cut clay slabs into circles, applied pattern and texture with clay stamps, used the draping technique to form their bowls, brushed multiple coats of glaze to add color and chose glass beads to melt into the bottom of the bowl. Students visited the interest center where they could view more of Dale Chihuly's work in a colorful large print book and learned about how we use the Kiln to fire clay.

Students displayed their work to the public at Perinton Square Mall in April 2023.

Student assisting with the clay stamping demonstration, example of mastery teaching when students teach each other.
Powerpoint slide, examples of Dale Chihuly's glass Sea Forms being exhibited in a gallery. 
Students using clay stamps to add pattern to their slabs.
Student applying the second coat of glaze to their bowl.
Student work organized by class waiting to be fired in the kiln or glazed.
Students discuss what they notice about their finished work and what they wonder about how they could improve it.

Students check out the inside of the kiln and another class' finished projects.

Students investigating an interest center book which has large color photographs of Dale Chihuly's glass artwork. For this project, students were inspired by Dale Chihuly's "Sea Forms" project.
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